This is how marketing works!

marketing&sales Dec 07, 2017

Did you see Elon Musk's presentation on the new Tesla Truck? Click here to watch a summary: https://youtu.be/1AwKmUH9wIg?t=13s 

What do you think is special about this product introduction? The presentation in Steve Jobs’ style? That Elon Musk radiates pride? The innovative truck? 

No, the truly special thing is that a pure B2B product is marketed entirely through emotions. And Elon is pulling all registers! You can almost imagine that CEOs of freight forwarders and other transport companies will camp overnight in front of the delivery site to get the first Tesla truck - just like the iPhone. 

What can you learn from this, especially if you are selling products not to consumers but to other companies? Here are three ideas: 

  1. What is really special about your products, that triggers emotions in the mind of your customer? Not by chance, Elon Musk shows the acceleration first, a factually rather insignificant feature in my view - but very important...
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This is how everyone can overcome their uncertainties (yes: you, too!)

leadership productivity Nov 30, 2017

In the last memo, I wrote about how your own uncertainties stand in the way of more success. It is especially blatant if you are a leader. Here, your uncertainty is transferred to others. 

The difficulty is that many managers are unaware of their insecurities and prefer to hide them. All (yes: all!) people have insecurities, even the most successful role models. 

The difference: the most successful ones handle it differently than the rest. 

Here are three tips on how the best leaders manage their insecurities and even capitalize on them: 

  1. Accept uncertainty! The world is uncertain and very unpredictable. However, many pretend you can create an oasis of certainty around you. Forget it! If you accept deep inside there will always be insecurity (as there is always gravity), you can relax and find ways to deal with it. This step sounds simple, but it is not, as it shakes up deeply rooted beliefs (for example, if you had a well-guarded childhood).
  2. Move ahead!...
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You hate uncertainty!

leadership productivity Nov 22, 2017

Today, I will make a personal confession to you: I'm having a lot of trouble dealing with uncertainty. Not good! Why? Because every piece of growth, every bit of progress, and every change causes uncertainty. 

The good news: I'm not alone! So, I can help others overcome the difficulties with uncertainty, because I just learned how to deal with the challenge myself. 

The bad news: I'm not alone! The more CEOs I support, the more I realize that many have the same difficulty: fear of uncertainty. 

The even worse news: As a team leader or CEO, you will sabotage your success if you're having trouble with uncertainty. 

The good news (finally!): You can work on it. However, most likely you'll need a coach for that. 

Here are three indicators for your difficulty to deal with uncertainty that you should definitely tackle:

  1. You don't trust (almost) anybody. Because trust in others causes uncertainty. The other one can abuse the trust! Right, that can happen! However,...
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How to change your future

leadership strategy Jul 13, 2016

Today, I’m discussing an almost philosophical topic with very practical consequences on your success in life and in business: How do you change your future? 

Watch the video for some interesting insights from the most successful people and businesses.

If you are already at the very top, you’ll find your success factors confirmed. If you are still on your way to the top, I’m sure this video will give you some useful ideas on how to create an even better future. 

Your tasks for this week: 

  1. Throughout your day, watch the state in which you find yourself. Then try to improve this state just a little bit each time. More on this in the video.
  2. Practice presence in each moment, in particular, when you are with others.

These tasks might sound weird if you are not used to the topic, but these are practices to change your future. More on this in the video.

Are you committed to change your future to the better?

Check out my Leadership Mastery Workshops. Click...

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What the heck are you selling?

marketing&sales Jun 30, 2016

I guess the headline sounds weird to you. “Of course, I know what we are selling!” you might think. Not so fast! Watch the video to learn some surprising views on what you are really selling. And I’ll give you some real life examples.

Action items for today (after you watched the video): 

  1. Write down five cases in which you or your sales team definitely disappointed a customer.
  2. Rate yourself or your sales team for each case on a scale 1-10 in the five categories I explain in the video.
  3. Write down three ideas of how you can increase your rating by at least 3 points on the scale 1-10.

Go do the exercises. Nobody ever improved by just watching and thinking. Make this day, today, your action day.

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We all love winners – and you do, too!

culture leadership mindset Jun 22, 2016

Sometimes, we talk as if we truly appreciate the forgotten ones, those that stay in the shade and never make it even close to the top. However, whenever it comes to any emotional appeal, we want to see winners. We cheer for those who score and those who make it to the top. 

You think you are different? Well, each championship – like the currently running Euro 2016 in soccer – is proof of what we all truly love: winning! And seeing winners. 

Let me explain in this week’s video why this always works and how this simple fact can be utilized in your business. And I’m not just talking about things like “team spirit”. No, the focus on winning has some other aspects that most people never think of – and wonder why other teams score better, i.e. their competition wins over and over again. 

Your homework for this week is simple:

Just identify three possibilities where you in your business can leverage the people’s hunger for...

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You do not seen what you cannot see!

leadership mindset Jun 01, 2016

This headline might sound weird, but stick with me and watch the video.

In my workshops, I love to tell this story: When you walk on the streets, there will be somebody passing you who could have a huge impact on your future life. This person will open up an opportunity for you that you didn’t even think of before. After your conversation with this person, your life will completely change to the positive, whether it’s relationship, money, impact or the like. 

Here comes the trick: You don’t know what this person looks like and who he or she is. How much chance do you have to find this person? If a thousand people or so will pass you, can you stop everybody to ask? Theoretically yes, but nobody would. Why not? Because you don’t believe entirely that this opportunity is real. You will think: ‘that’s too much effort for this tiny chance. ‘

Let’s change the game completely by changing just one little detail: This time I tell you...

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The power of "No!"


The start of the year is the perfect time to change behaviors that harm your productivity. Learning to focus only on important tasks and, consequently, saying NO more often is one of the critical changes. This is a continuous effort: even the most productive people never stop getting better at it.

Watch this short video to learn about seven things in your daily life you could be saying NO to more often.

Your assignment:

  1. Watch the video and take notes.
  2. Decide which items you will say NO to more often.
  3. Start with your first NO TODAY.

Let me know how it worked.

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How to start the year

leadership mindset Jan 01, 2015

I hope you started the new year full of energy, enthusiasm, and joy. I also hope you didn’t make any new year’s resolutions—which will never become reality anyway. Instead, watch the video below to get five ideas on how to make 2015 the most exciting year of your life and business.

And now, ignite the fire in the people around you! I wish you a great 2015!

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