📈 Your Corporate Growth Mindset

The most successful businesses have a growth mindset. All of them. No exceptions. What is more, they have a mindset of passion and enthusiasm, most of the time also a mindset of happiness. 

There is not one long-term successful and competitive organisation on earth that has a fixed mindset, grumpy people, no spirit, and unhappy customers. Not one! 

So, why do then so many companies run with high complacency (“we don’t want to change!”), lacking enthusiasm, and surely missing happiness? Look around in your business: as long as you do not belong to the top one percent of outstanding organisations, you’ll find signs of mediocrity all around you. 

The key challenge for most is that a growth mindset requires your own readiness to grow, each day, each hour, and each minute. To learn and improve. To listen and adjust. My key question is always this: How many hours do your team members (and yourself) spend learning each week? If the answer is less than 4 hours per person, you have an issue! 

Here are three steps to how you can change a fixed into a growth mindset, including all positive side effects: 

  1. Indoctrinate. Make it clear at any time that it is fun and good to grow. That it is even “our obligation” to help more people or businesses to have a better life or greater success. That there is only one alternative to growing: dying!
  2. Grow yourself. Be a relentless learner. Invest at least five hours each week in reading, audio programs, conferences, master mind groups, and the like.
  3. Grow others. Invest in educational programs for your team members. Remember: it is not only about growing skills, but also more importantly about growing people’s mindsets and attitudes. A team consisting of people with a strong growth mindset is almost unbeatable. And of course, they have more fun, too.

When do you start to implement a work culture of growth and fun?

➡️ Next steps:

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