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The biggest gaps

I am repeatedly asked which of all the success strategies I work on with leaders and teams are the most important. What are the ideas that will help you achieve the fastest positive results in the shortest possible time?

Well, although this depends on the individual starting position, there are "gaps" which I actually see again and again and which could be easily closed. The result: more productivity, more sales, more profit and much more.

So, if you don't know how best to start your journey to success, here are my top 3 "simple" strategies:

  1. Attitude. Improve your attitude in the morning and how you affect others. Work on radiating positive energy. Look for solutions and opportunities. It all starts with your morning routine after waking up.
  2. Growth. Make it a habit for yourself and your whole team to grow daily. At least one good book per month (better: per week), audio courses, video programs, conferences and much more are part of it. Make sure that you and your team have a...
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