🧩 Every Little Bit Matters!

What is your strategic focus? Is it being more cost effective than every other player in the market? Or do you strive to be seen as the most innovative company in your market niche? Or do you prefer putting all your focus on outstanding customer relations?

Whatever your main goal, the most important thing is to become excellent in your strategic focus area. If you want to excel in all three dimensions (cost effectiveness, innovation, customer centricity) then you have to become excellent in all three areas.

What does “excellence” mean? Very simple: to be better by far (in the perception of your potential and current customers) than the vast majority of your competitors or even (with the lack of true competitors) than the expectations of anybody else. 

Everything else is mediocrity, which leads to low performance and the daily fight for survival. I am amazed how many business leaders do not see the clear relationship between lacking excellence and low performance. 

Next question: How do you become BY FAR better than almost everybody else? As a regular reader of this blog, you learned about many aspects of high performance. Here is another: Every little bit matters!


  • If customer centricity is your primary focus, then look at EVERY bit of customer interaction. I know companies to which emails from clients get blocked by their exaggerated spam filters. I also know 5-star hotels that never asked me if I liked the stay and if I would come back. The list of mediocrity is endless.
  • If innovation is at your core, then EVERY person in your organization should feel and breathe innovation, including the leadership team. I know companies with innovation as a central piece of their strategy that fail to “innovate” their ineffective “Management Team Meetings.”
  • If cost effectiveness is most important for your organization, then start with yourself and end expensive habits, such as too many meetings and non-executed decisions.

High-performing organizations and their leaders are obsessed with every detail of their business that is strategically important. Sure enough, before all that you must decide what is strategically most important to you – quite a challenging task for many leaders. 

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