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Are you too slow?

The other day I was looking for accommodation on Airbnb, and I briefly enquired with several providers. One answered my query within 3 minutes. Also, my further questions were answered in a few minutes quickly, but exhaustively. My action: I booked the accommodation.

I mention this again and again in my sales training: Speed is more important than many other factors. Why is that? Well, in addition to the significant gain in time, the speed of the sales process shows me, as a prospect, what I can expect later as a paying customer: provide quick answers to my questions.

My recommendation: Check your company or team (or yourself) for speed and accelerate! Here are three steps:

  1. Mental work. Most people have not yet realized that speed is important in every customer interaction and the internal processes. Work on the mindset yourself and with your team: It's great to be fast. Period!
  2. Behaviors. If you are fast, you will not only be more successful, but you will also get things off the...
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The ONE Thing

leadership Dec 06, 2018

There is ONE thing that is most important when you show up at your customers, in meetings, and even with your family and friends. I explain it in the video.

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"I'm a new cabin talent."

culture leadership Nov 29, 2018

The other day when I was on a Swiss Airlines flight, I noticed the name tag "I'm a new cabin talent" on one of the flight attendant's lapel.

This not only attracted the attention of some of the passengers but it also led to pride in the eyes of the young team member.

You may think it's "just words" and it's just a marketing trick to increase motivation. Attention: There is rarely such a strong drive for happiness, fulfillment, and productivity as direct and unvarnished appreciation.

And, it makes a huge difference between "flight attendant" and "I am a new cabin talent." Words are important!

Here are three ideas about what you can do directly to increase self-esteem and thus pride, belonging and productivity in your work environment:

  1. Imagine that everyone is running around with the inscription "make me important" on their forehead. Then you do something to make the person feel important. Precisely because he or she is. 
  2. Titles are important - when they convey a positive...
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What if everything works against you?

leadership mindset Nov 22, 2018

Sometimes, everything seems to go against us. Even the most successful people sometimes have hard times (usually even more than average).

The main difference is how quickly we get out of a crisis. I had written about this some time ago.

Today I have three tips on what you can do immediately to turn a negative situation around - or at least alleviate it.

  1. Focus. "Energy flows to where focus goes," is an old and true saying. You know this from skiing and any other movement: you will move to where you look. Therefore: consciously change your focus from problems to possible positive aspects or solutions. This is often difficult, but always possible.
  2. State. Your personal physical and mental state reflects the external situation. By radically changing your state, you change your perception of the situation - at least partially. This could be, for example, changes in the environment, your posture and the people around you.
  3. Action. We change our low energy state in negative situations by...
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Your conflict with the law

Uncategorized Nov 15, 2018

Most of us are in conflict with the law. However, the judges are not trained people, but nature and consequences.

What am I talking about? Well, besides human-made laws, there are natural laws and mental laws. The mental laws are just as 100% valid as the laws of nature.

As an example, no matter whether you like gravity, know something about it or not: the law of gravity works at 100 percent. That's why we adhere to it.

However, many people are careless with mental laws and think they can outsmart them. The result is dissatisfaction, failure, lack of fulfillment and much more.

You can multiply your success if you make more use of mental laws. Here are three:

  1. Law of correspondence. Your outer world is always a reflection of your inner world. What you think internally and what you believe in will manifest itself around you, whether you want it or not. Therefore, always start changes in your head.
  2. Law of cause and effect. This is also a law of nature. The mental form says that your...
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How to start your morning

mindset productivity Nov 08, 2018

For your daily productivity, there is hardly anything as important as your first thoughts and actions in the morning. How you start your morning determines, to a large extent, your performance throughout the day.

And not only that: Your own condition in the morning has an enormous effect on your environment. How you are first perceived by your environment (including your colleagues) sets the tone for the day. Every day sets the tone for the week, the month, and ultimately the whole of life.

So here is my message: Question and change your morning routines and help others to do the same. Below are three steps to doing so: 

  1. Decision. Most people are not sufficiently aware of the strong impact the first thoughts and actions have on their success and fulfillment. Therefore, my tip: Make a clear decision to consciously start your morning better tomorrow. Even if you are already good at it, there is always potential.
  2. Gratitude. Our brain can only hold one thought at a time. And those...
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Your accidental success

leadership strategy Nov 01, 2018

 "Nothing makes you more successful than success!" Perhaps you know this saying. Behind it lies the interesting phenomenon that you are often more successful when you have just had success.

Put simply, this is because of how our subconscious mind stores how success works; it repeats the same ways of thinking and behaving.

With the same mechanics, some companies and teams manage to build successes on top of each other, while others have to fight again and again for every single success. The former have success systems, while others fight for anecdotal success.

The big question now is: How do you get from anecdotal to systematic? I have just written an article about this for the business magazine Organisator (only in German; click here to request a copy).

Below are three brief ideas:

  1. Strategy. In your strategy work, pay particular attention to your business model and your unique positioning in the market. Instead of "something more and so on", I miss a radical discussion about...
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The secret of compressed time

productivity Oct 25, 2018

When was the last time you compressed your time? If you now think I'm talking about science fiction, time travel, and wormholes, then I can reassure you: 

You too have already compressed your time. Whenever you really wanted to achieve something very important in a very short time. (The key words here are "really" and "very".)

You will then have achieved results in 15 minutes for which you would otherwise need two hours. Or perhaps you have done what has been on your desk for 5 weeks in just one hour.

Here is my point: If you use what you have applied in such situations every day and for every task, you will massively increase your productivity.

The problem is that we are not aware of these factors enough. Here are three of them that you should apply every day in order to compress your time:

  1. Clarity. If you have generated above-average results in a short period of time, you have always been very clear about the results you wanted to achieve. The conclusion in reverse: if you...
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The biggest gaps

I am repeatedly asked which of all the success strategies I work on with leaders and teams are the most important. What are the ideas that will help you achieve the fastest positive results in the shortest possible time?

Well, although this depends on the individual starting position, there are "gaps" which I actually see again and again and which could be easily closed. The result: more productivity, more sales, more profit and much more.

So, if you don't know how best to start your journey to success, here are my top 3 "simple" strategies:

  1. Attitude. Improve your attitude in the morning and how you affect others. Work on radiating positive energy. Look for solutions and opportunities. It all starts with your morning routine after waking up.
  2. Growth. Make it a habit for yourself and your whole team to grow daily. At least one good book per month (better: per week), audio courses, video programs, conferences and much more are part of it. Make sure that you and your team have a...
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How to make your customers (and other people) fall in love with you

marketing & sales Oct 11, 2018

One of the critical success systems (in contrast to anecdotal success) is the principle that people - including your customers - are always keen to get involved with you.

In other words: If you get other people to come to you because they love you, you'll have less to worry about both missing customers and job applicants.

The big question is how do we attract others and keep them coming back (and buying)?

Besides many ideas, there are three crucial human drives you can take advantage of. If you "feed" these drives, everyone will be happy to deal with you.

  1. Certainty. This is an absolute basic need. If you provide your customers with exact certainty, many will prefer to buy from you. Attention: Each need for a decision creates uncertainty for the customer. The same with unclear communication. Make every interaction simple and clear. The customer will feel safe as a result.
  2. Belonging. We all want to belong to a group. If you create a community among your customers they like to...
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