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success Oct 04, 2018

For most people, success, and fulfilment - in other words, a great life - is simple: just always play at the level you are at when you are at your best.

We all have periods and topics where we're almost unbeatable: Maybe it was your last presentation, your customer meeting 2 years ago, where you transformed the problematic customer into a friend with recurring sales. Or simply your day yesterday when you were incredibly productive.

Whatever applies to you, you too have successes that are truly outstanding.

What hardly anyone does, however, is to de-construct these successes and trace them back to the causes. And thus, to make them repeatable.

That works great with a coach. Here are three ideas if you try it for yourself:

  1. Attitude: If I put myself back into the success situation, what attitude did I have? Did I want to crush it or just "play on hold"? Did I want to change something or didn't I care?
  2. Self-confidence: did you believe in the success or did you have serious doubts? Were...
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