🕺 How To Boost Your Motivation

I don't know about you, but I am demotivated at times. That is quite normal. (Maybe you're breathing a sigh of relief now because you thought I was always and everywhere fully motivated).

Motivation can be lost for a variety of reasons. And it can happen to anyone.

The difference between very successful and fulfilled people and the mediocre is primarily in two areas:

  • Awareness of the fact that we can control our own motivation in a targeted manner.
  • The recognition of beliefs that repeatedly cause demotivation in us

The good news is that you can work on both of these causes.

I notice again and again with my coaching clients how effective it is to improve one's own sustained high motivation with coaching support. (You can also do it on your own, but it's much more difficult because you often don't recognize the causes properly).

Why is this important?

Well, for yourself for one thing: You simply achieve more with more joy. And on the other hand, your motivation - and your demotivation - infects others. This is especially important if you are a leader.

So how can you increase your motivation in a targeted, sustainable way? Here are five easy-to-apply ideas that many are not sufficiently aware of:

  1. High energy in the morning.

    Your morning determines your day. Therefore the tip: Have rituals that give you high energy first thing in the morning.

    Some examples: Hot showers, cold showers, yoga, stretching, endurance training, watching positive videos while having a (healthy) breakfast, and more.

    The important thing is that you decide how your morning goes. Never let others negatively influence your morning, but shape it accordingly.

  2. A big goal in sight at all times.

    Hardly anything is as demotivating as the lack of a big goal. I see this again and again in all kinds of teams: there are simply no clear, inspiring goals for which it is worthwhile and fun to work.

    As a result, people only work at half speed and look forward to going home at the end of the day.

    Even if this is not quite so blatant in your case, there is almost always a clear potential in setting big goals. Do yourself this favor: it will increase your motivation in the long term.

  3. Consider motivation as a game.

    We all love to play. That is deeply human. That's why my tip is to integrate playful elements into your day. It will almost automatically increase your motivation.

    This can be hourly assessments of your motivation (with the goal of having the total daily score as high as possible), certain rituals, assigning yourself an alter ego, and much more.

    Contact me if you want more suggestions on this.

  4. See setbacks as part of success.

    Sustainable success without setbacks does not exist. Therefore, it does no good to let setbacks throw you off track.

    If you know that setbacks are part of your success, you can train yourself to see them as positive.

    Often, it is the setbacks that provide the decisive impetus to try new ways. Almost no setback is final. We can almost always turn the energy from them into a positive.

    Tip: The next time you have a setback, say to yourself: "It's great that this happened. This forces me to try new ways that will lead to more success and joy."

  5. Always stay curious.

    This is perhaps the most important, but least perceived, lever for increasing motivation.

    Why? Because curiosity drives you to always take on new perspectives, even when things get difficult or demotivating.

    If you say to yourself "I'm curious about where this is going," you'll face challenges very differently.

    The good thing is that curiosity can be trained. My tip: Sometimes take the perspective of children who have no trouble asking questions and exploring things. That is extremely motivating.

So here you have five ideas on how to increase your motivation sustainably and over and over again. Apply it and help others with it. If you have any questions ➔ just get in touch with me.


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