😬 The Biggest Difference Between Success And Mediocrity

If you asked me what is the biggest difference between those people who consistently succeed no matter the circumstances, and those who fail or stay mediocre it is this:

The consistently successful ones follow a simple yet extremely powerful process each time they face any kind of challenge: 

  • Accept the challenge
  • Learn
  • Take massive action in a new direction

Does this sound overly simplistic? Then think twice and check the last challenge you mastered successfully, compared to one at which you failed. Chances are high that in the successful case, you followed exactly these 3 steps, perhaps even subconsciously. 

In contrast, mediocre people and organizations follow a different process: 

  • Deny the challenge or be overwhelmed by the challenge.
  • Try to figure out a solution by yourself.
  • Make little hesitant steps.
  • Complain how tough it all is.

This is NOT exaggerated, but exactly the pattern I see over and over again in companies that struggle to succeed boldly. Here comes the interesting part:

How can you break these behavioral patterns of challenge denial and move toward a high performing team? Three steps: 

  1. State it as one of your core values that all team members love to take on challenges. Demonstrate this value all the time by yourself. For instance, in meetings when people raise problems, say, “Great! Let’s take on the challenge and find a solution. Now!"
  2. Make it easy for people to learn. Never restrict access to knowledge and high quality coaching resources. Make it a policy for each team member to invest at least five hours per week in learning.
  3. Train people to move. Like in tennis where beginners stare at the ball until it passes, pros start moving even before the ball is approaching them. Professional players are quick on their feet and always ready to move; on which level does YOUR team play?

➡️ Next steps:

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