Are you snapping back?

culture leadership Mar 21, 2019

In my leadership development workshops, there is always a miraculous phenomenon: the workgroups develop innovative ideas - often outside the comfort zone - on how to lead people's ways of thinking and behaving towards more success.

This success takes place in "risk-free" exercises, where nothing direct happens to the ideas and results.

Almost everyone agrees that the ideas and measures presented make sense and have desirable positive effects, such as greater enthusiasm, increasing productivity, growing innovative power and so on.

But then something strange often happens: As soon as you give the same workgroups the task of creating concrete action packages for their divisions or departments from these ideas and measures, with milestones and success measures, they snap back into the old, conservative way of thinking. Examples:

  • Instead of strong leadership with clear objectives, they prefer to discuss measures to change the structure.
  • Instead of agreeing on a really strong vision with impact, they want to improve the goal agreement process with the employees.
  • Instead of courageously requiring ambitious personal training for all team members, they agree to start a program to improve the training offered.

What happens here is to snap back into the comfort zone.

That's why strong leadership works against it and sticks to innovative ideas and measures for the further development of the teams and the company - ambitiously and with a clear message. 

If you want to strengthen your leadership in this direction (I call it "Winning Team Leadership"), then get in touch.


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