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leadership sales Jul 19, 2019

Is it the same for you? As soon as the New Year celebrations have faded away, the first half of the year is already over. You don't even have six months to reach your annual goals.

Maybe you're on the right track, or or maybe you’re behind schedule (at least that's what I hear from various companies). What's important is that the most successful companies never adjust their targets downwards. Instead, successful companies consider how they can still make good progress now to exceed even the most demanding targets.

Do you say you can't do that because of the global threat of trade war, lack of demand, the difficult situation or other external factors? The brutal truth is: with this mentality you and your team return to the mental comfort zone.

I challenge you: Now is the time to go even further out of your comfort zone and into the performance zone and let it really rumble in the second half of the year. How? Well, here are three ideas to implement:
  1. Calibration. Don't allow any complaints, not in meetings and not elsewhere. Instead, you keep asking the question: "What do we have to do to exceed our annual targets? Everyone has to come up with answers!
  2. Focus. What exactly are the activities that bring the greatest success? And what is stopping you and your team? It often helps enormously to focus on the really important things in the daily craziness and to omit everything else.
  3. Sales power. In most companies, it is enormously important to bring more power to the sales team. To be honest, I see enormous potential in almost all companies that I know. So, that's why I have a special program for boosting your sales power. Click here for more information.

By the way, a sparring partner or coach is an enormous help when it comes to exceeding your annual goals. Important: He/she must be uncomfortable and lure you out of the comfort zone. Are you interested? Contact me here.


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