Are you CEO or sales manager and want to take your sales team to a new level – and quickly?

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Following the successful support of an increasing number of sales teams, Volkmar Völzke offers selected sales teams the opportunity to also benefit from his sales team power coaching.

Some effects:

  • Significant increase in revenue
  • Achievement of higher margins
  • Greater resilience to market downturns
  • Sustainably improved winner mindset of salespeople
  • More satisfied customers

The 6 focus areas for sustainable sales success

We are systematically working on these 6 components for a sustained growth in sales success:

There are several ways of working together, from a low-cost start to intensive support. The exploration session is free of charge and completely risk-free. Only afterwards do you decide whether you want to continue.

Your Sales Team Power Coach:

Volkmar Völzke

  • Entrepreneur
  • Longstanding business success strategist
  • Author of the book "Business Fitness: Escape Mediocrity", SpringerGabler, 2016 (in German)
  • Author of over 500 articles on Success and top performance

Volkmar Völzke is an entrepreneur and a passionate advocate of business and personal excellence. His work is based on over 25 years of international professional experience (Siemens, SAP, Nestlé), countless seminars and courses, and many years of working with top executives and managers.

He helps leaders achieve lasting new levels of success for themselves, their teams, or entire companies. His principles are clarity, focus and momentum.

A special emphasis lies on the increased success of sales teams.


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