Targeted personal leadership coaching or having a sparring partner is often the best, most effective and ultimately the most cost-effective solution for rapid and lasting improvements.

"More often than not, the key to high performance, engaged employees and growing success in business lies with the executives themselves, and in their attitudes, paradigms, behaviors, and habits."

Volkmar Völzke

In many cases, these individual qualities of the manager may even be the all-important stumbling block to permanently higher performance within the company. The impact of mediocre performance at the executive levels is substantial: poor goal achievement, frustrated employees, layoffs, low productivity, and so much more. 

The particular challenge for the improvement of the situation is that almost always, the provision of individual support to the respective executives is necessary in order to achieve quick results. The reason is that the necessary changes to the mindset, behaviors, and work routines are often too delicate to make them public. 

Therefore, targeted personal coaching is often the best, most effective and ultimately the most cost-effective solution.

"Want to get better at the work you do? Find a coach!"

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You can book the Service "Coaching / Sparring Partner" in three variations:

Leadership & Performance Coaching

Volkmar works individually with you (or a selected person), so you sustainably achieve your goals, increase your success, or find more fulfilment and joy. 

This is most closely related to what you might know as coaching, with the differences described below. Volkmar relates the worlds of business and psychology to your greatest benefit. 

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Business Performance Coaching

This variant works similarly to personal performance coaching, with the difference that Volkmar focuses on the achievement of specific business goals and the exploration of hidden business potentials.

Typical topics include improvements in marketing and sales, team collaboration, cultural change, personal mindset, and strategic direction.

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Sparring Partner & Trusted Advisor

Many CEOs and managers lack a person with whom they can discuss confidently about business and personal topics, while receiving qualified feedback and fresh ideas and insights. 

In contrast to coaching, this cooperation is based solely on your initiative. I am available for you by phone, email, or personally. I'm your sounding board, questioner, sparring partner

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What to expect when you hire Volkmar as your personal coach (or as a coach for your executives)?

Here are a few keywords:

  • Extreme goal orientation. As in all of Volkmar's other support programs, as your coach, he works towards the achievement of specific objectives. The improvement areas may cover various topics, such as better decision making, delegation, greater self awareness, communication, listening, etc.
  • Best use of time. Coaching sessions should be very efficiently run, wasting no time whatsoever.
  • Direct confrontation with the greatest barriers and difficulties. Volkmar calls his method “listen carefully, understand profoundly, act boldly and immediately.”
  • Flexibility in the methods of cooperation. Whether in person, over the phone, via Skype, or even supported by email, the sessions are highly effective in any case.
  • Call for execution. Volkmar is told by his clients that he is quite persistent. His key motivation is to see you improve substantially and obtain the results you both collectively want.

Volkmar's background:

  • More than 25 years of international business experience which includes working with executives at all levels. I can be a hard act to fool and there are hardly any situations that I have not already experienced. So with me, you will not get theoretical concepts, but hard-hitting practice.
  • Continuing education. My methods are based on the best of various international thought leaders, of whom I not only attend courses, but also take part in seminars and sometimes book own coaching. The names include sought-after experts like Anthony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Brian Tracy, Darren Hardy, Dan Kennedy, Alan Weiss, Jürgen Höller, and others.
  • Strong analytical skills. Understanding not only the psychology, but also the logic behind certain behaviors and decisions is a tremendous asset in many leadership situations.
A word of warning: Volkmar is not the right coach for you if ...
  • ... you want to have relaxed conversations about yourself, without quick results
  • … you are afraid of facing uncomfortable truths
  • … you are looking for someone to confirm your viewpoints, rather than to confront you with reality and needed change
  • ... you have a lot of time
  • … you think that coaching does not really matter

How does the process work?

Simply in three steps:

  1. Evaluation interview. We conduct a non-binding conversation by telephone or Skype. Click the button below to apply. In this conversation, we also discuss the most appropriate variant for working together, as described above.
  2. Agreement. If we consider a collaboration to be useful, we define the main objectives, the period and the mode of coaching, and sign the contract with monthly fixed prices.
  3. Start. In case of personal or team coaching, I will send you a detailed questionnaire. Answering the questions gives me a good picture of your situation, your obstacles, your priorities, and much more. With this information, we can get on fast and get results. If we choose the variant "Trusted Advisor", this questionnaire is much shorter.

When and how do you want to start?

To make the first step, simply click on the button and request an Exploration Session.