🔜 Why You Will Be A Different Person In 5 Years

The following concept is extremely powerful if you want to achieve great things and also become more fulfilled - be it for yourself, your team or your company.

Let me explain: Most changes in our lives happen so slowly that we hardly notice them.

And so we hardly notice that we are a different person today than we were five years ago. You think differently, you have different priorities, maybe your aspirations have evolved, you make different choices, and so on.

When you first hear this, you may be a little incredulous. That's normal. But take a closer look: you will clearly notice differences between the present you and the past you.

The same is true, of course, when we look into the future: You will be someone different in 5 years than you are today.

Of course, this development goes faster the more external influences there are in your life.

And what I'm explaining here for one person applies just as much to a team or even an entire company.

👉 Here's the point: Either you let this development happen by chance (like 90% of people) or you direct it. By doing so, you will not only achieve more, but you will also be more fulfilled and waste less energy.

Here are the 3 steps to apply the Future Self concept - for yourself and your team:

  1. Define your future self.

    Who will you or your team be in 5 years? This is more than what you want to have achieved. It's your identity.

    Maybe you are a person who is in top shape. Or your team has the identity of a role model for all other teams in your industry. Or you excel at attracting top people who want to work with you.

    These are just a few examples. The important thing is that you don't think about the "how." Because within the next five years, many paths will open up that you can't even see today.

    Remember: We usually overestimate what we can achieve in a year. But we massively underestimate what is possible in 5 years.

  2. Derive mindsets and behaviors.

    In the second step, you derive the mindsets and behaviors that emerge from your future self from step 1.

    Because one thing is clear: in order to adopt a different identity, you have to demonstrate different mindsets and behaviors. For these constitute your identity.

    Be specific and ambitious in defining these mindsets and behaviors! Because you do not have these today yet, because otherwise you would have already arrived at your future self.

  3. Apply mindsets and behaviours as of now.

    Here is the all-important final step: you apply your mindsets and behaviors of the future starting right now, today.

    This step is extremely difficult because you are almost always moving out of your comfort zone. And you act differently than it was drummed into all of us for decades during our upbringing: first the conditions have to be there, then you can adapt.

    By doing it the other way around, we create precisely these preconditions that are not yet there today.

    If you do this exercise with the team, you have the advantage that you can constantly remind each other of the mindsets and behaviors of the future identity.

So here you have a modern concept from psychology that helps you and your team to develop much faster and more ambitiously.

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