🎉 Why You Should Celebrate More

Recently, Switzerland celebrated the founding of the Swiss Confederation in 1291. It's the most important holiday here with all sorts of political speeches, celebrations, bonfires in high places and, of course, fireworks.

It reminds me how important it is to pause sometimes to simply celebrate.

The date is secondary, after all. The only important thing is to agree on a specific point in time and look back together on what has been achieved and appreciate what is to come.

In most companies, I observe how reluctant people are to simply celebrate - even for small causes.

In a winning team culture, expressing joy together is a very important part - and not by command, but because it is felt that way.

So here's my appeal: celebrate more often! Below are three reasons why it's so important (in case you didn't think you needed it until now):

  1. Awareness of progress.

    Most managers mercilessly overestimate how aware people are of achievements and progress. Most are so deeply involved in their daily work that they think very little about how far they have come.

    The problems and setbacks, on the other hand, are perceived very quickly. So perception is often at odds with reality.

    That's your job as a leader: to make your people aware of the progress they've made, and thus align their compass in a positive way. The best way to do this is to celebrate the positive news time and again.

  2. Appreciation.

    Celebrating success and progress is one of the best tools for appreciation.

    Every person has as one of their strongest drives the need to do something important and meaningful and to be noticed for it. We all strive for recognition. It's deeply ingrained.

    If you express this appreciation more often - also with celebrations - you will have a tremendous positive effect on motivation.

  3. Strengthen team cohesion.

    Celebrating together is one of the best ways to strengthen team cohesion.

    I remember my time at SAP Switzerland, where we were frequently celebrating on a small or large scale, and how strongly that strengthened the cohesion among the people.

    It's important that the celebrations happen as naturally as possible. Even as a young person, it was often the completely spontaneous parties that had the greatest effect. You can keep it that way at work, too.

So here you have some reasons for increased celebration and recognizing progress together. 👉 Just get in touch if you want to discuss more ideas for higher team performance.


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