Why people love Donald Trump

Here is the secret why so many people (at least in America) love Donald Trump - and it's not because of his politics.

Instead, it has to do with how we feel better when someone with authority gives us permission to behave in a way that we know is wrong.

It's like science telling us that fatty food and lots of red meat are healthy; finally, with a good feeling, we can feast properly again.

That's exactly what Donald Trump does: he exemplifies behavior that most people cannot allow in their daily lives if they want to keep their family or their jobs.

It's the same as with action heroes - they are allowed to wreck whole streets and take others out if they get in the way. "Oh, if only I could do that, too," many viewers think unconsciously (and of course wouldn't admit).

To finally live a more carefree life with fewer constraints, people who are constantly wrangling with their "misbehaviours" (actually I want to, but I'm not allowed to) can buy themselves a mental free ticket by voting for Mr. Trump. That is why they choose him. It eases the soul of these people.

Here are a few examples:
  1. Lies without punishment. Mr. Trump has been proven to lie several times a day without being held accountable. This is exemplary for his voters; finally, they are allowed to do so, too.
  2. Talking nonsense without consequences. If the President of the US is allowed to spread verifiable nonsense, others have the right to do so without a guilty conscience.
  3. Attack others without reason. Whenever he feels like it, Mr. Trump attacks journalists and others without reason. So you, as a voter, have the right to do the same.
  4. Simply do what you want. Mr. Trump cares very little about the direct effects of his actions, as long as they do not directly harm him. Many people want to do things without any consideration of losses.
  5. Success with dubious practices. Despite all his practices that are strange to many, Trump continues to succeed. This means that people do not have to do their best, but rather anything - and they will succeed.

Of course, these examples only work with people who believe in simple worldviews: good versus evil, freedom versus socialism, winning versus losing, etc. Apparently, especially in the USA, enough people do that.

Other presidential candidates, however, mean that you have to work on yourself. The invocation of common ground means necessary adaptation for each individual. Many do not want that and, therefore, vote for Trump.

The lesson for your leadership? All this shows that people follow you if you take away their worries and conflicts of conscience. You can also use this in leadership – hopefully, for the better.

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