Who are you?

culture leadership Nov 05, 2020

Let me ask you a profound question, the answer of which might shape your future:

Who are you? And: who is your business or your team? 

What do I mean by this? Well, from psychology comes the insight that our success in life is mostly defined by the self-image we have. For example, if you deeply believe you are a person who is on the planet to do good for people, you will build your life around this identity. If you believe you are a victim of outside circumstances, you also will create a life of reaction and victimhood. 

The key is that most are never truly aware of their identity.

Instead, they just wonder why their life ends up in a certain way. How powerful is it then if you become fully aware of your self-image and become able to change it consciously? It is not always an easy process (and most often requires a coach), but it is possible – and extremely powerful. 

Now let’s transfer this insight to the business world. Specifically, organizations also have an identity. And like humans, most are not fully aware of them. This is why many businesses stumble somewhat and wonder why they don’t meet their strategic goals. Simply put, these goals are often not in congruence with their identity. 

So, what can you do as a business leader to create a powerful identity that primes your team or business for success? Here are three important steps: 
  1. Awareness. This is always the first step to mastery: you must become fully aware of the identity of your team or entire organization. How do you think you are perceived by others, your customers, as well as your own team members? Complete this sentence: “We are the ones, who … (do, make, act, etc.)”
  2. Redesign. Choose the identity you want your team or organisation to own. Idealize! Be bold! Also here, complete this sentence: “We will be the ones, who … (do, make, act, etc.)” Important: You and your team members must truly feel and like this identity. You cannot just put a new identity on top; it must come from inside.
  3. Implementation. Identify action steps that manifest this new identity. What must change? Who must change? Important: Take one step after the other. You cannot change all at once, but if you take one step a day, you will move close to your ideal identity in less than a year.

Of course, there is much more to each step, as there are various obstacles to overcome.

It is an extremely powerful and beneficial experience to work with a performance coach on this exercise.

Sure, I offer this as part of my coaching program. Click here for more information. 


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