⚠️ Where The Greatest Dangers Lurk For You

If you want to become more successful, it is of course important to look at which factors contribute positively to achieving that.

This is a recurring topic in my articles and also the subject of training in my workshops.

After all, "success leaves clues", as a much-quoted statement puts it in a nutshell. Those who are successful by their own efforts think and act in a certain way, which most likely contributes to success. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to look at such factors (by the way, especially the mindsets).

However, all these success factors can be massively cancelled out by dangers that many see and pay too little attention to.

The conclusion is then sometimes that the success factors "do not work for me or us". In truth, however, people have often only sabotaged themselves by disregarding the dangers.

Here are three (from my experience with my clients) big dangers that lurk for you and your team if you want to become more successful:

  1. We are flying too low.

    Of course we have to be careful not to fly so high that we run out of air and the wax in our wings melts in the sun (according to Icarus).

    But: Icarus was not supposed to fly too low either, because otherwise the waves would have caught him. And this is exactly what I see with most leaders and teams: they fly so close above the ground that they constantly touch the surface.

    The flight altitude relates to goals, to my own standards of behavior, to my tolerance thresholds and more.

    So: if we want to become significantly more successful, a big danger is that we don't develop the thrust to get to an appropriate altitude. In that case, we always fall back to the ground of our current state, which just doesn't help us to significantly increase our success.

  2. We think too small.

    What would we have to do to achieve ten times as much? This is a question that evokes great thinking.

    Because you can't achieve such an increase with the ways of thinking you've had up to now. You have to think in completely different dimensions.

    You always find this when you look at biographies of particularly successful people. There, the effort (physical, time-wise, financially) is often increased tenfold, often a hundredfold, in order to reach the lofty (see point 1) goals.

    Big thinking, by the way, is from my experience the most difficult point to change because it interferes with our beliefs and fears. The best way to work on it is in a group with like-minded people who also want to achieve significantly more.

  3. We wait too long.

    A great deal of success is prevented by the fact that we don't move forward quickly enough, but keep waiting.

    I see this again and again in strategy projects where we create a great vision and define implementation steps, but then people hesitate to take the first step.

    The reasons are often that the new path is unfamiliar and there are always other more pressing issues.

    In addition to points 1 and 2, successful people and teams are characterized above all by the fact that they quickly accelerate and create facts on the way to greater success.

    Therefore my tip: Make it a habit to go ahead as soon as you know where and why. Then you can always correct.

So here you have three big dangers on the way to massively more success. Working on this often yields more than the famous "team building" and other methods for success. If you want to exchange ideas on this, 👉 just get in touch with me.


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