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What you should do more with your team now

A week ago, I wrote about what is more important in leadership from now on (➔ read the blog post here).

Today I am discussing what you should do more specifically with your team in the future.

The need comes mainly from the fact that with the pandemic it became clear that external influences are becoming stronger and more frequent. Anyone who now hopes for a return to "normality" will need good luck not to perish.

Therefore, more than ever, those teams and companies that consistently implement the following three topics will be sustainably successful in the future:
  1.  Constantly evaluate new opportunities on the market. 

    I see far too little effort in companies that people regularly deal with new business models, new market positioning and new ideas for products and offers. 

    By this I do not mean a "product development department", but that, for example, people from sales and other areas create new business models or Blue Ocean ideas. This also means that many more people have to get more fit with the appropriate methods than before. 

    Why all this? Well, the fitness with which you as a company create new opportunities in the market and react to developments swiftly is becoming increasingly decisive for your success.

  2.  Increased attractiveness in the labor market. 

    Of course, you know this: It is becoming increasingly important for your long-term success that you have the best comrades-in-arms on board. Nevertheless, most companies find it difficult to attract ambitious and capable people. 

    The most important reason: For most, the attractiveness in the labor market is still treated with significantly less priority than the attractiveness on the market for customers. My tip: Do active marketing and sales when it comes to your appearance on the job market.

  3.  Improvements in leadership quality. 

    Top leadership is the most important foundation for the first two topics if you want to systematically increase your success.

    Attention: I'm talking about leadership, not management - an important difference. Winning team leadership includes high ambition, visionary leadership, full empowerment of the team, full responsibility, and full commitment - to name just a few of the most important qualities.

➡️ If you want to tackle the three topics mentioned above with your team, just contact me for a short conversation. Click here.


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