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What will continue to change in leadership

leadership Oct 14, 2021

Again and again I am asked what will change in leadership after the pandemic. That's why I was also asked to write an article for the German-speaking press about it. The title: "Everything remains different".

What do I mean by that? Well, the assumption of constant conditions has already been risky in the past. Outstanding leadership has always been about dealing with and anticipating changes and uncertainties.

The "unknown" is always the success lever of those who are ready for adjustments and see the changes as the best way to achieve outstanding things.

Nevertheless, from my observation, there are some specific characteristics of leadership that will become increasingly important in the future.

As a leader, I recommend that you become absolutely fit in these three topics in order to be able to further increase your success in the future:
  1. Communication is becoming more important. As a top leader, it is now a must that you become very good at communication. You must master the toolbox of related methods and instruments. As the physical connections become looser, it is all the more important that you convey your influential messages to the recipients in less time and vice versa ensure that you hear the signals. Today, I see significant deficits for most leaders here.
  2. Empowerment is becoming more important. Top performance has always been sustainably provided by teams that take full responsibility for the results of their work. As a leader, you are accountable for guiding your people in this direction. Too many have deeply rooted the negligence of responsibility as a habit. This will no longer be acceptable in the future.
  3. Fast adaptability is an absolute must. It is simply a fact that we will see increasingly more and faster changes in the future. The best companies I know have used the pandemic as a kind of training event to increase their entrepreneurial fitness. It starts with the mindset. There will be more such "training opportunities" in the future. Better, you use them.
I recommend that you immediately determine concrete measures for yourself or with your leadership team for each of these three points.

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