⚽️ What We Can Learn From The Success Coach Klopp

I don't know to what extent you are interested in football. Even if you're not, this blog post has some ideas that might be useful for you as a leader.

I'm using Jürgen Klopp as an example since it's always worth taking a closer look at outstanding leaders. Because you can learn from them in any case, no matter how good you already are at leadership yourself.

Jürgen Klopp is currently one of the most successful soccer coaches in the world (some say "THE best") and has just been to the Champions League final with his club Liverpool FC. He has some tremendous successes to his name - and manages to remain a very "normal" person in the process.

His specialty seems to be to form outstanding teams out of rather average ones, which sustainably achieve top performance while having fun (by the way, completely according to the idea of my book " Business Fitness: Get out of Mediocrity!", published by Springer Gabler, 👉 more info here, only in German).

Since I know that many of my readers are continually concerned with how to get the best out of your people - and have them have fun doing it at the same time - it's worth taking a closer look at such top coaches as Klopp.

Here are three leadership principles that Klopp says he uses - and that you can implement directly for yourself and your team:

  1. Radiating energy and creating positive moments.

    In my view, this is an extremely important point that is often completely neglected: As a leader, you are also a role model in radiating positive energy and thus inspiring your people.

    I see too many leaders who tend to emphasize the negative, are in a bad mood themselves, and thus infect their team members. Please do not forget: You are also responsible for the mood and energy in your team!

    Conversely, just by embodying positive energy at all times, you can move mountains. If you then consciously create positive moments that stick with people, you will be able to achieve much more with your team.

  2. Giving your people freedom.

    This is an uncomfortable thought for many: give especially new people in your team as much freedom as possible and observe them. Only then can you see where you can best use your "player" (read: team member).

    In reality, I usually see exactly the opposite: new people are given the most precise tasks possible, which they then have to perform. By doing so, you give away enormous potentials especially to those who have the most to gain from it.

    By the way, it already starts with the job descriptions: The more detailed you describe tasks in them, the more you will then have a "task-fulfiller" - and not someone who is willing to contribute fully to the team and its success.

  3. Building a support system.

    The third point is also underdeveloped in most leaders: the support system with strong people around you.

    These people should challenge you and help you all become better together. Building such a network needs to be deliberately driven. It usually doesn't happen on its own.

    If you can do this, you can grow faster and develop to the next level in leadership (👉 by the way, here's my coaching program on this).

So, here are three ideas on how you can learn from Jürgen Klopp and then become at least as successful - and have fun doing it!

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