🏆 What Is Your Victory Today?

What are two of the most essential sources for inspiration, a fulfilled life, and high productivity – and ultimately for a sustainably successful business?

The answer: variety and victory. Just take a look at children (which is always a good option because they are not yet biased by all our subjective belief systems):

They constantly try to create something and then celebrate their victory. Let it be the sand castle at the beach, the fortress, the model railway, or whatever: the sequence constantly goes like this: create, succeed, and celebrate victory! 

The same applies with you as a grown-up: What were your best feelings in life? Exactly, when you created something that worked and you got credit for it. In other words, you celebrated victory!  

Here comes the key question for your role as a business professional: Why do so many businesses celebrate so few victories?

If we just accepted the fact that personal victories are a key source of higher inspiration and therefore productivity, why then do I see so few people in any kind of business celebrate any sort of great success? 

To be very clear, the “celebration of victory” does not have to be a great parade in the office or people starting singing and dancing on the tables (as you see in some Hollywood movies). No, much more powerful are small individual victories that you as a person can claim and be proud of. I find that the “little” and genuine things matter often more then the “big” official achievements. 

So the next question is: What can you do to create a work atmosphere in which people feel more inspired and are more productive by celebrating more victories?

Sure, you cannot command it (“Now, let’s celebrate!”). Here is what you should do instead: 

  1. Set daily goals. Do it for yourself and teach the people around you to set one key goal for each day the evening before. This should be a clear achievement, no matter how big or small it is. Conditions: these goals must be simple, personal, and significant.
  2. Take credit. Train your brain to be proud of your achievements. It is amazing how many of us have “forgotten” to be proud of the results we have achieved. Look at children and re-learn pride for your own successes.
  3. Celebrate one victory per day. Make it a habit to celebrate your daily goal achievement at least once per day. This can be silently or outgoing. The key is that you clearly recognize the achievement for yourself. Create a routine for this. I for example like to simply to stand up form the desk, look from my balcony over the lake and the mountains (great if you live in Switzerland) and say to myself: “Yes, and this is just the beginning.” Then I let the good feeling flow through my body. You might have different rituals. Most importantly, have at least one!


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