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leadership productivity Jul 20, 2022

At each moment in time, you have the choice between consuming, executing, and creating. In many cases we do not even decided by ourselves, but let others tell us which choice to make. 

  • Consuming. You are passively being driven by events, your environment, or other people. Or you actively process what others present to you, without any major initiative of your own. Typical consumption: Emails, social media, television, shopping, water cooler chats.
    Important sub-category: consumption that grows our knowledge, skills, or capabilities. Examples: reading good books, listening to good audio programs, watching useful video courses.
  • Executing. You are actively processing something of more or less importance. All typical daily work routines fall into this category, as well as tasks that we execute at our jobs.
  • Creating. You are creating something new. You leave a legacy, no matter how small. After any creation, there is something in the world for a certain period of time that hasn’t been there before. The creation of a vision and a powerful strategy fall into this category, too.

The point is this: The amount of time we spend in each of the three categories determines very much our success in life and in business. 

Most people use roughly 35 percent of their waking time for consumption, about 60 percent for execution, and only 5 percent or less for creation. 

The simplified time share in each category of successful people is roughly this: 10 percent pure consumption, 20 percent educational consumption, 20 percent execution, 50 percent creation. 

The problem: Shifting our time between the three categories is easier said than done. Here are three powerful strategies, showing you how you can do this in the shortest time and become dramatically more successful and fulfilled in your life: 

  1. Reduce your pure consumption time which is not educational, for creation or for execution to less than 10 percent. Be disciplined. Stop watching television. Check emails only twice a day. Stop reading newspapers. Stop useless chats.
  2. Make it your personal goal to create something new EACH DAY, something of your own will (in contrast to something that somebody else tells you to create: this would be execution, not creation). I know this is challenging for many. If you are not used to creation (many of us “forgot” how to be creative) then start small. But get into the routine of creation. If you are already creating something each day then do more.
  3. Block time in your calendar for creation. Gravity will always pull you towards execution and consumption. That’s why you should consciously dedicate time for creation. Important: creation can be trained. Start today!


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