🤸 We All Love To Change, Don’t We?

There are a million reasons why companies (and people) need to change. If you boil them all down, you end up with just two basic root causes for any change in life and in business: 

  • We HAVE to change.
  • We WANT to change.

Yes, it’s that simple! Now guess which root cause the most successful people and businesses apply most of the time. You got it: they WANT to change. Why? Because they have the desire to become better, to explore new horizons, to improve situations. 

On the other hand, most problems that businesses and people face stem from the fact that they only change when they HAVE to. The problem is that change often comes too late and at a high cost. However, there is another downside which is even more important: we get addicted to accepting the status quo until something or somebody else pushes us somewhere else. Many people live their entire life in this reactive mode. The same happens with businesses – before they drown. 

Here comes the good news: WANTING change also becomes addictive.

As soon as we feel the positive outcomes and the exciting journey to new horizons, we want more. This goes so far that some people and businesses even need to be careful to and ensure they take a rest between the many changes. 

However, the key question for most businesses remains: how can we ignite more WANT for change? Here are three powerful ways: 

  1. As a leader, initiate frequent changes, even if there is no burning need. This customizes people to change, so that they even become worried if nothing changes over a longer period of time. Side effect: those employees who want to stay comfortable will leave the company. Those who embrace change will be attracted.
  2. Define ambitious goals with demanding timelines. Don’t settle for goals that are easy to achieve. People get used to both easy achievements and constant challenges. For superior results, you want the latter.
  3. Always paint an inspiring picture of the future. Create a vision that is worth fighting for. Where there is no vision, people perish. The truth is that almost all human beings blossom when they can work on the achievement of something meaningful and challenging. As a leader, provide them with this opportunity by creating a powerful vision.


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