Time for reflection and acceleration!

leadership mindset Oct 05, 2017

Yes, October has begun, and with it, the last 3 months of the year. In principle, this division of time is indeed arbitrary, and yet it is helpful to see the end of the year as a kind of milestone for the route we are marching on. 

As an average-age reader of my memos, you probably have about 20 to 50 of such milestones left in your life. 

This doesn’t sound too much, so it makes sense to make the best of each one. For the next one, you have just barely 3 months left. 

Here is what I mean: 
  1. Ask the following question: What would you regret not having achieved this year? At the end of our lives, we almost always regret what we have not done, but rarely what we have tried.
  2. Accelerate. Yeah, right, double your forces! We all can reach up to 10 times more if we just want to. You know that. How about if you reach as much as in the past nine months in the coming three months? This doesn’t work? Sure it does! If you really want!
  3. Write down your top three goals for this year and make them constantly visible. Yes, I know, this is a classic tip, and yet it is only executed by very few. It just makes a huge difference if, every morning and every evening, you keep in mind what you want to achieve this year. It works the same way for families, teams and entire companies.
Well, it is up to you what you make of your next “milestone” and whether you can be really proud of it. 

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