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The secret to boost sales!

marketing & sales Jun 04, 2020
Today, I have a secret recipe to help you sell more, even if you have nothing to do with sales. 

If you have followed me for a while, you know sales activities are not limited to conversations with potential customers, but a reality of our daily life, be it professional or private; whenever you want to convince someone of something, you “sell.” 

So, what is the “secret recipe” to become more persuasive, to “sell” more?

There are three easy steps you probably know, but probably do not apply daily. Here is your “reminder”: 
  1. Reason. Why should the other be persuaded? What’s his or her advantage for being persuaded? Most of us (yes, even senior sales people) often forget this important first step. There is no persuasion without a clear reason.
  2. Reality. What is the other person already convinced of? Behind this question is the fact that it is much easier to convince people of a “complement” of their beliefs than of something new or even contrarian. That’s why the second sale is always easier than the first.
  3. Simplicity. What makes it easy for the other person to be convinced? How do you symbolically roll out the red carpet he or she can walk on?

These steps are rather simple to understand. However, most people forget them when persuasion is critical and even when stakes are high. Not so for you any more – after you read these three steps! 

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