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From Volkmar Voelzke – Leading Success Strategist. Mentor. Coach. Author. Speaker.

Do you want to massively grow your income? Feel more accomplished? Become a better human being? Achieve more? Be less stressed? Ultimately, live a happier life?

This all is possible. Now!

Most people have a wrong approach to success. They unleash only a part of their potential, make less money than they could and don’t leverage the impact they have the potential of making.

Becoming substantially more successful is no rocket science.

Only three things are required (and most people never discover those):

  1. Clear and ambitious short term goals that move you to another level within a few weeks.
  2. Massive action over a limited period of time. By this, you literally program your mind with new success habits.
  3. An accountability partner who keeps you on track and cheers you on.

You can either get all this with a personal performance coach while investing a substantial amount of money or you enter my new program (for much less):

The 100 Day Success Challenge

Here’s what you get:

  • A framework to systematically grow your success over a period of 100 days.
  • Two short videos per week, building on each other, with the latest insights and methods on success and achievement.
  • Audio recordings of each session available for download.
  • Homework assignments after each video.
  • Tools and templates.
  • Lifetime access to all content.
  • Surprise bonuses during the program.

I personally will hold you accountable for your commitments to dramatically grow your success.

By sending you new content twice per week; not only will you get the needed reminders, but also the knowledge that will systematically advance your success at a high pace.

Furthermore, the best part: Your success is almost certain. If you imagine just applying ONE tip (out of hundreds) that leads you on a different path, the program will already be worth ‘multiple the investment’.

Is this difficult? Not at all. The only things you need are commitment and some discipline to apply what you learn. Most of it is fun and easy to do. The difference between achievers and those who stay at the side-lines is the willingness to also apply the “easy” stuff. This is what the program is about.

You get the needed leading-edge content from psychology, success studies and many years of hands-on experience from a leading coach for success maximisation.

Additionally, you will receive a program that encourages you to follow through and make the needed changes.

"Yes, I want this!"

Click on the button below to get the 100 Day Success Challenge at the special introductory price.

Here is what we’ll cover:

In the course of the 100 days, we will work in depth on three building blocks for lasting success:
  1. First, we'll lay the foundations for success. This building block covers important foundations, such as mindset (most people don't have a "success mindset"), success psychology, success drivers, and much more. This building block alone is a total game changer for many students. Only after we laid solid foundations, we can move into the strategies and tactics.
  2. Based on the solid foundations, we will work on growing and mastering your success. This building block is the heart of the program and includes lots of strategies and tactics you can apply directly in your life, career, and business.
  3. In the third building block, we'll work on boosting and scaling your success. We'll work on important aspects such as energy management, mental mastery, and more. This building block ensures that the new success strategies and tactics are not only applied once, but become a part of your "success DNA".

During the program, you'll learn dozens of techniques, methods, and ideas that will almost guarantee your success if you apply what you learn.

Everybody can do this! The only question is:

Are you committed to growing your success?

If your answer is yes: How much would it be worth if ...

... you could make substantial progress and achieve new success levels in just 100 days?

How much would it be worth if you become a better husband, wife or parent?

How much would it be worth if you put your life on a new pathway to prosperity?

How much would it be worth if you finally have less stress and find peace of mind?

If you work with a private performance coach, it will easily cost between 3'000 and 10'000 Euros for support on this level (twice a week follow-up plus new content).

Here is the good news: You can get the same results with a fraction of these amounts. The investment for the 100 Day Success Challenge is below 1000 Euros. It is even below 500 Euros. 

The total investment is only 247 Euros for the entire program. Or you can pay in three instalments of 89 Euros.

YES, I WANT THIS FOR €247! Or: 3 payments of €89 each

And that’s not all! I have also added two powerful bonuses:

  • Video course “From Mediocrity to Peak Performance – How to Implement a Sustained High Performance Culture” (Retail price 147 Euros)
  • A Question & Answer Forum for unlimited questions during the entire program, answered by me personally twice a week (value: 1000 Euros)

Your Guarantee

On top of that, you are covered by a waterproof 2 week money back guarantee. Anytime within the first 2 weeks after purchasing, send us a message that you don’t like the program and we will provide a refund. No questions asked.

Here is what you need to do next:

  1. Click on the link below to get to a checkout page where you can enter your credit card details.
  2. Immediately after approval, you will get access to your private membership area with all the welcome information, instructions on how to access your bonuses and other material.
  3. Twice a week, you will get an email with a notification about the newly released content. Missed the email? No problem, all content will be provided for life in your private membership area.


Here you have it: Your personal success roadmap for the next 100 days.

The only thing you need to do is click on the button below and join the community of committed people who want to make a difference in their life. Make the decision now and step up for enhanced success in your life and business. I will see you on the other side.

About Volkmar Voelzke

  • Expert on and coach for success and high performance – for individuals and businesses.
  • 20 years corporate career at Siemens and SAP in different roles, mostly international.
  • The founder and CEO, of over 7 years, of New Pace Consulting SA. Helping business leaders sustainably raise their success levels in 3 key areas:
    • Strategy
    • Leadership & Team performance
    • Marketing, Sales & Customer focus
  • Book author at SpringerGabler “Business Fitness: Escape mediocrity!” (only in German).
  • Publisher of two short articles per week (in English and German), with over 500 to date.


What others say:

"The partnership with Volkmar Völzke did exceed our expectations and delivered a great impact on our culture and mindset."

Aleksandra Orman-Lorenz
Former Group HR Director at Rising Tide

"Volkmar has the best strategic and analytical mind of anyone I have worked with. He has a tremendous strength to see past surface problems and understand what is driving an organization. Many people can spot a problem, but Volkmar has a great ability to design and deliver working solutions to the things he sees. It is always a great learning experience working with him."

Bill Morrison
Managing Director at Sandler Training (Switzerland)

"I can recommend Volkmar to all business leaders who want to get to new success levels with their business and are not afraid to take action."

Adrian Fuchser
President at Schneeberger AG Lineartechnik

"Volkmar delivered an outstanding workshop on Personal Productivity to the Executives International business networking group in Lausanne. The promise was 'How to double your results – in half of the time' and he more than delivered on it."

Simon Hardy
President at Executives International