😨 The 3 Biggest Shortcomings In Leadership

Wouldn't it be cool to know what issues you need to work on first and foremost as a leader to become even more effective and influential?

Well, after working with leaders of all kinds for some time (i.e., over a decade), patterns naturally emerge. At least, that's how I feel.

The important thing is not to be fooled too much by symptoms. Because top leadership is rarely characterized by improving very specific routines.

That's helpful, but it doesn't get to the heart of the matter.

What I'm talking about here are the big levers that have an impact on many other things. If you improve these levers, the positive effect is multiplied.

Here are my top 3 shortcomings in leadership that are definitely worth working on:

  1. Lack of desire to learn.

    My classic question on this is: "How many books on personal development have you read in the last three months?"

    I see a clear correlation between the willingness to learn systematically, i.e. to work on oneself, and the quality of leadership.

    My tip: Make personal development a priority for your leadership, also in terms of time. Schedule fixed times for further education, even during the day, and set concrete learning goals.

  2. Victim attitude.

    Even in leadership positions, I see too many people who see themselves as victims of external circumstances in many areas. Time and again, other departments, the board of directors, the economy, politics, the currency exchange rate, IT systems (a classic) and other things are held responsible for one's own performance (only in a negative sense, of course).

    The problem: if you blame others for your successes and failures, you give your own control out of your hands. Hence, there's not much you can do about it anymore.

    My tip: consider yourself responsible for EVERYTHING, whether you can do something about it or not. You can choose your reaction in any case. Never accept excuses.

  3. Lack of clarity.

    Lack of clarity is a classic that I encounter at all management levels. It starts with the current situation, continues with any communication and does not end with unclear objectives: Lack of clarity everywhere!

    The consequences are insecurity, poor performance, frustration and much more.

    My tip: Create full clarity in all areas.

So, here you have three top issues that you should definitely work on if you want to become an even better leader. Or help others become better leaders.

Of course, as always, well understood is a long way from being implemented. That's why it's usually worth having a personal conversation where we can specifically go into these points in more depth. The best thing to do is simply ➔ set up an appointment here.

Next steps:

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