🥺 Should You Reduce Your Commitment?

You might be asking, "Shouldn't we rather increase our commitment to get more done and have fun doing it?"

Yes, of course we should. The only thing is: the key is to be committed to the right things.

Because commitment makes good things better and bad things worse.

If you are fully committed to a good relationship, it will get better and better. On the other hand, if you are fully committed to a toxic relationship, then you will keep running into a dead end.

The same is true at work:

Being highly committed to tasks and projects that don't match your goals or vision - or that keep draining your energy - leads to burnout and, in the long run, failure.

So how can you identify what you should be highly committed to - for yourself and with your team - and where you shouldn't? Here are three important questions:

  1. What is your vision or ideal future state?

    If you don't know where exactly you want to go, you can't decide what's really important. And with that, you also don't know what you should be fully committed to.

    The same goes for your team and the company as a whole.

    The reality is, unfortunately, that most of us opportunistically spend our energy on what is urgent at the moment or seems important in the short term.

    In the medium and long term, however, that's exactly what can lead to a dead end. Because the energy and resources you invest in topics and projects that do not fit the vision are no longer available for what is really important.

  2. Is your current work, relationship, etc. bringing you closer to your goal?

    It is very important to keep asking yourself if what you are focusing on the most right now is bringing you the closest to your goal.

    Because often we commit ourselves to topics out of pure habit or because we have learned to do it from our childhood upbringing. Or because "everyone here does it that way".

    My tip: Ask yourself at least once a week which activities would bring you closest to your goal at the moment. And then set your priorities anew. Only a few do this. Those who do usually achieve significantly more in life - with more fulfillment and joy.

  3. How can you fill your work, relationship, etc. with more meaning?

    Quite often it is indeed the case that the relationship, the project or what you are currently working on is not "lost". No, often you can change something about it.

    In other words, you can reshape it so that it's good to be fully engaged in it again.

    This is important: because few things are worse than continuing half-heartedly with anything just because it's convenient. So either quit or reshape.

So here you have three questions that will help you and your team channel commitment properly - instead of just going through the motions every day. 👉 My tip: Ask these questions regularly to keep yourself on track.


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