🦁 Productivity Tips From A Top Predator

We often learn the most when we leave our traditional thinking patterns and embark on a journey of discovery.

Then, many things become clear that would otherwise remain hidden. This is also the case in the following little story:

Imagine the most powerful predator of the savannah, the lion, lying there in the shade of a tree. He's a little hungry and soon the pack will go hunting again.

At that moment, a mouse (or a similar small animal) crawls along in front of him. It would be an easy prey. And yet the lion will not lift a finger (I mean: claw).

Why? Because the nutritional value of a mouse barely exceeds the energy expended to catch and digest it. If the lion hunted mice, he would have to starve.

What does he hunt instead? Something much more difficult, namely gazelles, antelopes and even buffalos. Why? Because that's the only thing that produces the results the pride needs to survive. The ratio of return to effort is much better, even taking into account the considerable effort required to hunt and kill such an animal.

Probably at this moment the analogy to your life becomes clear to you. Too many people (including many leaders) waste their time and lives chasing mice.

Here are 3 specific questions to answer to ensure you are making the best use of your life's resources:

  1. What is your antelope?

    The vast majority of people are not clear about what the most important goals and drives are in their lives. And a great many managers are just as unaware of this for their role in the company.

    That's why they spend their lives chasing "mice" and are surprised to find themselves frustrated and exhausted.

    The reason is often because we think "chasing an antelope" is too much effort. And what if it goes wrong?

    I'll just say this: the lion would have become extinct long ago with this attitude. Instead, he gets his courage up and gets going. And that's exactly what I sometimes miss in leadership teams.

  2. Who is your pride?

    The lion does not hunt alone. And there is a reason for that. He can accomplish significantly more in a pack, and in the end for each individual.

    Most leaders I meet don't put enough emphasis on building a "pack" with whom they hunt together.

    Translated, this means creating a team around you that fights together in an optimally coordinated way to achieve great results.

    What I see too often instead are people who don't stand together well enough and prefer to hunt for their mice individually. You know what I mean.

  3. Is your strategy focused on the antelope?

    The third important question is, of course, whether you have the right strategy to hunt antelope. Because otherwise, of course, you can't be successful.

    I know this sounds trite, and yet I see too many strategies that tend to maximize mice hunts.

    If you want to use this to hunt antelope, it's going to be difficult.

    That's why it's critical that your business or team strategy is aligned with a great goal. Otherwise, you'll quickly get bogged down in small stuff. This is exactly what I observe too often in reality.


So, now you know how to successfully hunt the proverbial antelope as a leader. If you want to implement these insights with your team, contact me for a quick chat. Simply ➔ set up a 15min appointment here.



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