👎 No, No, No!

Yes, say more “no”! And I don’t mean to other people, but to yourself. You have probably heard it often that we need to say “no” more to accomplish more in life. However, most of this advice is directed towards the outside world, to influences from others. 

The thing is this: the more we focus on blocking things from outside, the less we focus on discipline for our own mind.

Often, we take the outside influence as an excuse for not behaving better on the inside. 

The inconvenient truth is this: most success comes from disciplining ourselves in the first place, and only then should we look at the outside world. 

So, here are my top 3 suggestions, to what you should say “no” to yourself.

Share this with your team and act accordingly. You will see your performance increase instantly. 

  1. Say “no” to accepting low standards. We all have times when we "let things go”, when we sort of take it easy. My point is this: the more we accept low standards for ourselves, the more our subconscious mind believes this is ok. In fact, this cause-effect-relationship is exactly why most people stay in mediocrity.
  2. Say “no” to low productivity. I know this is hard sometimes, however, each unproductive hour is an hour we do not march towards any results (attention: productivity does NOT equal being busy!). This is good at times, but too many people make low productivity hours their norm, rather than an exception.
  3. Say “no” to bad behaviour. Too often, I see that people feel entitled to behave rudely and even passive aggressive. This includes missing appointments, not calling back even if they promised, letting others down, and so on. Important: Bad behaviour is not distinguishable between people: when somebody behaves rudely towards me for instance, I can be almost certain he or she will act the same way to other people, too, for example, his team members.

The route to more “no” in this sense is sometimes hard to go with no external reflection. 👉 Choose me as your accountability partner and I will keep you “on track”.




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