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leadership productivity Jan 18, 2019

You now have about 49 weeks left to write history this year. Seriously: what are you doing to move the world this year, at least in your surroundings and for your fellow human beings?

The direction of our lives is largely determined by the questions we ask ourselves.

And in my experience, most people do not ask themselves questions that will help them move forward, but questions that will leave them in the comfort zone.

"What am I going to do to write history this year?" is a strong, uncomfortable question. Because you may not have the answer. If your reaction is "What nonsense!", you are on the right track. That's because in this case you have the potential for more positive influence on your environment - and for making a real difference.

Here are three concrete ideas on how you can write history this year:

  1. Choose exactly one big goal! I know you've heard it a thousand times: what is your one big goal for the next 12 months? And yet, when I ask people in any environment (including CEOs), I almost never get a clear answer. So: write down your one most important goal for this year!
  2. Double your productivity! How do you do it? First you need your big goal (see point 1). Because everything that does not go in the direction of this goal is wasteful. Then work every day for at least half of your time on the topics that really move you towards that goal. That's exactly how things derail for many people: they become extremely efficient in things they don't really matter.
  3. Grow daily! Finally, make this year your personal growth year! Read a good book every week. Get video and audio lessons. Go to seminars. Take part in mastermind groups. And so on. First step: Create a personal growth plan.

Now, let's go! By the way, a professional coach and sparring partner can help you make considerable progress and make this year outstanding for you and your environment. What are you waiting for? Apply here.


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