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It's all a matter of scale

leadership mindset May 03, 2018

"If everyone else drives at 300 km/h, you won't even notice the speed," said world-class motorcycle racer Tom Lüthi in a recent interview. The question was how to keep your bike under control at this speed and in tight corners.

I assume that you probably rarely race with a motorcycle at 300 km/h on the roads. However, there may be areas in your life where others think you are traveling very "fast" and don't even feel that way. 

My point is this: many companies and teams drive with such low ambitions in many areas, metaphorically, that they hardly move from their place. How would it be if instead you increased your “speed of ambition" so that you are incredibly "fast" for most, but at eye-level with the best of the best?

Three examples of increasing your "ambition speed" to 300 km/h:

  1. Sales. Become world class in sales! Learn from those organizations that have proven to be extremely successful in their sales. This includes many aspects such as mindset, structure, measurement, discipline, skills etc. (➔ Click here for sales coaching.)
  2. Leadership. Yes, you can learn leadership, observe the best from other outstanding teams. In principle, most companies let their "leaders" do what they want. Ask yourself every minute: "How would a truly outstanding leader think and act in this situation?”  (➔ Click here for leadership coaching.)
  3. Goals. Too many just don't think big enough. Why don't you grow twice as strong? Or triple your profit? Or enjoy your work ten times as much? Top athletes can confirm without exception that success largely starts with ambitious goals.

There are, of course, more areas where you can bring your team or company up to the performance level of a Tom Lüthi, Roger Federer, Bayern Munich or other top teams. Just let me know and we'll look into it together.

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