💭 How Your Thoughts Drive Your Results

Everything that has ever been created by humans started with a thought.

Thoughts have power. Because they determine what we believe in - our beliefs. Our beliefs, in turn, determine our actions. And our actions determine our results.

In other words: How you think is the most critical building block for your success - whatever "success" means to you.

This is the key difference between those who achieve significantly more and the average: the super-successful have different ways of thinking. This is evident in every biography and documentary.

Simplified you can say: Small thoughts - small results. Big thoughts - big results.

In my observation and experience, most leadership teams think far too small. As a result, potentials are not even considered. They prefer to stick with what they know.

The good news is that you can change the size of your thinking. However, to do so, you have to persistently turn a few screws:

  1. Schedule time to think.

    Most leaders are so busy that they hardly have time to reflect regularly. So here's my tip: schedule half an hour every day to do nothing but think, reflect.

    If that's too much for you, start with one hour a week. Put the slot in your calendar.

    What do you do during that time? Think, sketch, reflect, maybe do some reading up.

    By doing so, you train your most important success lever: your ability to think.

  2. Reading or watching biographies.

    I find this incredibly helpful because it brings perspective: when you experience and see how particularly influential people think, you can always learn something from them.

    I then often realize how small my thoughts are compared to an Elon Musk, a Pablo Picasso or a Lady Gaga (yes, she also thinks extremely big).

    On the one hand, that's motivating because you then recognize your own potential, and on the other hand, it's helpful because you can apply some of the thought processes yourself.

  3. Writing.

    Yes, I know this sounds very unusual for many: I recommend that you write down your thoughts in the form of short articles, blog entries, short books or similar.

    Now, if you say "I can't think of enough for that," that's exactly the point. Writing forces you to form big thoughts. I speak from my own experience, by the way.

    So here's my tip: pick a topic where you want to make a difference and start writing a short article about it.

    Extra tip: Alternatively, you can also record a video. But for training great thoughts, I rather recommend writing.

So here you have three concrete tips on how to train the greatness of your thoughts. By the way, I recommend this training for the entire Leadership Team.

➡️ If you want to know how best to implement this in practical terms, ➔ just get in touch with me.

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