🔭 How To Learn To See More Opportunities

One of the most important characteristics of outstanding leaders is to seize opportunities.

Don't you sometimes wish you could take a big step forward by jumping on a good opportunity?

It makes sense, especially if you are a leader. After all, you want to move your team or company forward.

However, it is often extremely difficult to recognize opportunities at all.

Time and again, when one person sees a huge opportunity and takes advantage of it, the other person carelessly passes it by.

Why is that?

Well, most opportunities also involve a certain risk. At least the risk that you have to leave your chosen path - even if only mentally.

But our standard evolutionary programming emphasizes safety. In other words: We are programmed not to see great opportunities in the first place. Because they mean danger.

Of course, the whole thing runs completely unconsciously. Instead, we love incremental progress. In other words, progress in small, manageable steps. We can then also stay mostly in the well-known comfort zone.

The good news: we can train to override this programming and start seeing more opportunities.

Here are three concrete ways you can systematically increase your awareness of opportunities and thus become more successful:

  1. Change perspectives frequently.

    For the most part, many people do similar things in the same way over and over again. As a result, our brain is less and less able to see opportunities at all.

    If we consciously change our perspectives frequently, we will see more opportunities. It's like building muscle.

    These perspective changes can be small things (like changing where you sit at work) or they can be bigger changes (like striving for new responsibilities or jobs).

    The key point is that it teaches your subconscious to see more different things. And therein lie precisely the opportunities.

  2. Surround yourself with interesting people.

    This is a big challenge for many: how am I supposed to find time to interact with other, interesting people besides my work?

    Well, firstly, you can do that to some extent while you're at work - depending on the size of your company, there are more or fewer opportunities.

    And secondly, many such groups today also run virtually, at least in part.

    Ultimately, of course, training to see more opportunities. requires some investment - just like any serious training.

    Surrounding yourself with interesting people is one of the most effective ways to improve your awareness of opportunities.

  3. Try things out frequently.

    It's simple: the more you try things out and move forward, the more opportunities you will see in turn.

    If you always stay in place, you won't be able to see the one that can come further ahead on the journey.

    By the way, this is also the principle of "rapid prototyping": only if you bring products to market quickly can you derive new opportunities from the reaction of customers.

So, here you have three ways to identify and take advantage of more opportunities. The positive consequences of this can be huge. 👉 Just get in touch if you want to reflect on this for your specific situation.


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