How to boost your people's appetite for change

culture leadership Feb 25, 2021

I recently conducted a survey on leadership and was surprised by the number and quality of responses. Many thanks to all who participated!

Next week, I will present the exciting results in more detail (so that everyone can benefit from them). Today, I'll pick out one point that ran through many of the answers: people's lack of willingness to change.

This topic is as old as mankind: Those who want to change something struggle against the persistence of many.

Except: That's exactly why we need leaders! And here comes the unpleasant truth: Whoever complains as a leader about the lack of willingness to change on the part of others has not done his or her homework.

The good news is that this is something that can be changed. In fact, there are mechanisms to systematically increase the willingness to change in a team and company.

Here are three fundamental steps for doing so (that most never think of):

  1. Foundations. Many leaders lack a comprehensive understanding of why people change and why they don't. And more importantly, how they can (and can't) influence that in others. The first thing you need, then, is a solid foundation in psychology. You can and must learn this as a leader if you want to increase the willingness for change in others.
  2. Self-leadership. It is also interesting to ask how willing you are to change yourself. Because change involves letting go of habits and taking new risks. Scrapping rules and trusting people. In other words, do you lead yourself with a high willingness to change and to take risks?
  3. Team Leadership. The third step is using strategies and tactics to persuade others (and also to choose the right people). This includes things like an emotionally compelling vision, confidence in taking the first steps, recognition of even small successes, and more. Importantly, this third step cannot happen without the first two.
If you apply these three points, you can massively increase your people's willingness to change.

You can try this yourself, or click ➔ here to benefit from a proven process that will get you there much faster and more confidently.




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