💪 How To Become Mentally Stronger

Mental strength is one of the most important factors for success in all areas of life - and of course also in leadership.

Many of the root causes for difficulties in leadership and in life lie in mental weakness.

You notice mental strength not only by determination and perseverance, but - much more important - by flexibility and adaptability.

That is, mentally strong people create success with what they have right now, where they are, and with people who are around them right now. They never have the thought, "I'm missing something to success that I can't create."

In other words, energy and attitude do not depend on external circumstances, but solely on one's own decision.

The good news: mental strength can - and should - be trained. Three questions for certain situations, to which one must find the answer, help very well:

  1. "What else can this mean?"

    Ask yourself or others this question whenever something unexpected happens. After all, as you search for answers, you'll train yourself to see that in every difficulty lies an opportunity to get better.

    And that means you'll have a better ability to deal with setbacks in the future.

    If your most important customer suddenly quits, it may mean that you have to reduce your costs to compensate for the loss of sales.

    But it can also mean that you and the entire team now finally have a strong reason to invest more in other customers and market segments. And that is exactly what mentally strong people do in such situations.

  2. "How does the situation help me grow?"

    Building on question 1, this question helps us find ways to use the challenges to our advantage.

    Problems don't happen to us, they happen for us. They are always an opportunity to grow.

    It sounds very obvious when I put it that way, but it requires some training to always think like this - even when things get tough. Therefore, train yourself to look for answers to the question above at every opportunity.

  3. "How can I make the situation a little better?"

    Most people try to find the solutions to their problems somewhere outside their own sphere of influence. The problem: it often takes a long time - if it works at all.

    In the vast majority of cases, however, you can positively influence the situation with your own resources at that very moment.

    The IT system does not work the way I want it to? The question: How can I work effectively with the existing means? There are always possibilities. I was not informed correctly (again) about important changes? The question: How do I get the necessary information to continue?

    My tip: Don't make the situation worse than it is by your own behavior!

Mentally strong people ask such questions and are already well on their road to the future, while mentally weak people are still looking for excuses.

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