⛱ How often do you write a new swimming pool?

What would make your business or your team dramatically more successful? Not just a bit, but substantially! Do you have the answer? Here it is: By becoming THE go-to address in your market for both your potential customers and your potential staff members. 

THIS is key. Anything else is cosmetic. Why? Because all businesses that magically attract customers and employees can choose with whom they want to do business. They can decide the prices and the scope of their delivery. 

Paul McCartney once famously said that if he wants a new swimming pool for his house he just needs to write a new song. This is because he knew that each song the Beatles published would become a hit and easily pay for a new swimming pool (and lots of other things too). 

Consequently, one of my standard pieces of advice to my clients in terms of dramatically growing their business is to shift the focus from praising their product, their service, or their company, towards creating a celebrity status in their market, so that potential customers WANT to do business with them, ideally no matter which product or service they offer. 

Here are three powerful questions to ask yourself and your leadership team to take the first steps and make your business dramatically more successful: 

  1. What can we do to make people’s dreams come true? What can we do to make their (business) life so much better that they cannot stop wanting more and more from us? This question alone is a complete breakthrough for many leaders. And don’t think that this is only appropriate for B2C either – it works just as well for all kinds of B2B relationships.
  2. What can you do to create a celebrity status for your business in your market niche? Check out what celebrities do to become and stay celebrities. There are clear patterns. Learn and apply them. By the way, not only people, but also businesses can be celebrities. One key parameter is that people feel good and safe when associated with the celebrity brand.
  3. How can you positively surprise your customers and your market over and over again? How about considering how you can entertain your audience? At least once a month, perform a workshop in which you and your teams create new ideas for standing out from the crowd in your market.


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