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How good are you as your own boss?

leadership Nov 07, 2019

Here is an important reminder: You have a boss who's someone else than you probably think right now. First and foremost, you are not working for someone else – you are working for yourself.

The truth is this: You are both the president and team of your own life enterprise at the same time - and thus, also, your own boss.

And in the role of president, you - like every good top leader - must above all ensure that you use your strengths in the best possible and targeted way - and that you can (and want to) fully perform and thrive tomorrow.

The question, after all is: how good are you as your own boss? Do you take care of your own team (i.e. yourself) as you would expect from an outstanding business leader?

Here comes the crucial truth: You can't lead other people better than yourself - at least not sustainably.

So, how should you ideally lead yourself? Here are three important cornerstones for self-leadership:
  1. Goal-orientation. If you "go to work" every day to only do what is expected of you, you are a terrible boss. Can you imagine a successful CEO who only does what is expected of him/her? No - of course you need a conscious goal: What do you really want to achieve? And why? (By the way: some CEOs still have potential here, too).
  2. Inspiration. You live exactly one life. It's a huge waste if you spend it uninspired. If you don't inspire yourself every day, you are a dreadful boss to yourself. By the way: Inspiration usually goes hand-in-hand with fun and performance.
  3. Productivity. Yes, as a boss you should also make sure that you and your team (in this example, you too) are productive at all times, so don't waste time on unimportant things. Yes, as your own boss, you are also responsible for this - nobody else.

Good leadership always starts with you. Are you prepared to take responsibility for this? If so, my coaching could be something for you (or for your team). Click here for more information.

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