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How do you feel about the summer?

culture leadership Jul 11, 2019

What do you think of this summer? Too hot? Or rather, wasn't it too cold until a few days ago?

My point is this: no matter what you think, there will be many people who see the whole thing differently than you do. Although that's actually a trivial insight, but it's always overlooked in everyday life.

Sometimes I jokingly say that as a leadership coach I am at times also an expensive reminder. So, with this point:

Your internal story about this summer has a massive influence on your behavior and your actions (for remembrance: Thinking ➔ Behavior ➔ Action ➔ Results).

If someone has a different story about it (i.e. thinks differently), he or she will behave differently. Thus, they will achieve different results. But it gets even harder: the other person will interpret your behavior from his or her viewpoint. They might also react "strangely" in your view.

Now, here comes the transition to business: we not only think differently only about the summer weather but about everything. It also includes strategies, customer calls, meetings, leadership, communication and so on.

The result: misunderstandings, idleness, and resistance.

So, what can you do to achieve more? Here are three ideas:
  1. Awareness. Keep in mind that your point of view is different from others. So, do not expect others to be able or willing to understand your way of thinking.
  2. Transparency. If you want others to act in your direction (this is called leadership), you must reveal the story behind your thoughts, so others have a chance to think in the same direction.
  3. Congruence. Stay congruent in your thinking, behavior, and actions. Nobody wants to understand your thoughts if they contradict your actions.

You can ignore all this and simply lead with "Command and Control". However, this means that you and your team will become stagnate. A dangerous game in today's world!

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