🤣 Get Serious About Joy!

What if you do not only create great results in your life and business, but also make the road to these results the most joyful possible for yourself and your people in your team? 

My point is this: there is no meaning in spending hours, days, weeks, months, or even years on topics we do not enjoy.

What is the meaning of results if your journey is a constant struggle? 

To be clear, I am an advocate of the belief that we sometimes need to struggle to get to the next level, that we have to work hard and be relentless. But what I also suggest is not making the struggle the primary driving force. 

Ask yourself, how much better could the performance, productivity, and quality of our work be if we were more joyful?

I suggest you make joy a top priority for your life and the people surrounding you. Here is how to do so in three simple steps: 

  1. Identify sources of joy. Look at your most important tasks and responsibilities and for each item find at least one reason to be joyful about it. Hint: very often the joy can be found in making other people’s lives better.
  2. Practice joy. It might sound weird, but you can put a regular alarm on your phone with the reminder “Don’t forget the joy!” Most of us are so caught up in daily routines that we simply forget about being joyful. A reminder helps.
  3. Start your day joyfully. This is big! Most people start their day in negativity and stress. Change that! Design morning routines that make you joyful right from the outset. This is not some “metaphysical” stuff, but hard psychology applied by high achievers.


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