Do you swim naked?

leadership Aug 06, 2020

"Only when the tide is out will you know who was swimming naked," Warren E. Buffett once said so aptly. 

We live in times that have not been seen in this form for at least the last 70 years. Who knows today where we will be in 3, 6 or 9 months… in every respect? And just like in earlier, even more uncertain times (just think of 1914 to 1948), it will show who the winner will be in the end.

Ultimately, every crisis shows who "swims naked" and who has the right prerequisites to achieve sustainable success. The good news is that you have this in your own hands, because there are always just a few typical factors that make people, teams and companies successful - almost regardless of the circumstances. And you can influence these factors.

The difficulty for every organization is that even in easy and "good" times, you must not unlearn these qualities and practice them continuously.

Here are three levers, which, from my experience with various companies, have the greatest effect on success, especially in uncertain times:
  1. Clear vision. Those who know what they are fighting for every day, and why this is important and right, do not have to fundamentally reorient themselves, even in times of crisis. Maybe you have to adjust your path here and there, but otherwise, you keep moving forward. Companies without this clear vision, on the other hand, begin to stumble with every little headwind. This also applies to private life, by the way.
  2. High standards. Mediocre companies tend to be a little careless when things are going well. Top companies and winning teams, on the other hand, move up a few gears, especially when things are going well. They always demand full power and are, therefore, better positioned even in a crisis.
  3. Full responsibility. Companies and teams in which everyone takes full responsibility at all times (no excuses!) have significantly more horsepower when times get tough. Mediocre teams are frustrated by a crisis while winning teams speed up a notch.

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