☹️ Do You Give Up Too Early?

One of the most important characteristics of great achievers is their persistence and resilience. Those who you see in the limelight today virtually never succeeded just because of ONE strategy or ONE plan. They succeeded because they constantly see setbacks as a chance to try something new. 

I’m sure you know this as common sense. Here comes the twist for you as a business leader:

We all can train our capabilities to be resilient.

However, instead, what most companies do is exactly the opposite: they try to squeeze their people into a one-trial-no-mistakes culture. 

Even if a zero-tolerance policy makes sense for ensuring predictably high quality, it also kills the motivation and even the capabilities of your people to be persistent and resilient enough to manage strategic changes. Why? Simply because the mental muscle is not trained. It is like a corset: tensed up muscles will become stunted. 

A significant number of businesses suffer from the incapability of their managers to see and try things again and again and again.

This is why profits deteriorate and sales decline. Your people simply give up after the first or second backlash. 

Here is what you should do to turn the ship around and to grow your success based on a team that constantly tries out new methods until they succeed: 

  1. Create a compelling vision. Yes, I know you might not want to hear this again. However, many businesses do not have any kind of emotionally compelling vision that would people want to fight for – not even by a far stretch. Statements like “becoming the market leader somewhere” might be a good headline for a business plan, but I am afraid they hardly ignite any burning desire in your people.
  2. Train people for resilience. A good question to ask is always: “What else can we try?” Or: “What do we need to create 10x more revenue?” These stretch questions make people think outside of their common patterns.
  3. Embrace mistakes. Great success always comes with mistakes and defeats. Instead of denying and hiding them, put them on the table for all to see. Be proud of your defeats, because they demonstrate that you have tried something instead of just waiting by the sidelines or following the same procedure like a hundred times before.

Success comes from our beliefs.

If we believe that we will succeed no matter what, then success will much more likely come to us instead of just giving up after the first backlash. Do you have a culture of resilience in your business? ➡️ Click here to schedule a conversation.


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