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Become extreme!

leadership mindset Mar 01, 2018

Let us assume that you want to achieve something in the future that you do not yet have. You may want to be someone who you are not today (often a prerequisite for the former). Or maybe you want to do more good for other people than today. 

Then here's my tip: Become extreme (above all in what you define as your benchmark!)

You don't even have to quote the usual "suspects" like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs or Richard Branson. Anyone who achieves significantly more in due course than others will have "extreme" standards in terms of what is possible. 

I repeat it over and over again - you CAN achieve much more if you apply tougher standards.

Here are three areas where you can start immediately to become extreme:

  1. Goals. Do you want to grow by 5% or have 10% more customers? Then you can double and change your targets to 10% growth and 20% more customers. Unrealistic? Sure, just like the moon shot, the iPhone, or even your car once was.
  2. Personal growth. Listen and read from experts who take a much more radical standpoint than you yourself, especially when it feels totally uncomfortable ("That's way too American" I hear again and again from my European clients). Do you want to win more new customers? Then you should listen to someone every day who gains 10 new customers per day. Do you want a winning culture? Then study Zappos.com, Virgin, or Google, DAILY!
  3. Courage. Try out new things all the time, be it in leadership, marketing, sales or whatever. Be brave and leave at least once a week (better: daily) your comfort zone.

I know that 95% of my readers may read the points, but they won't apply them. This keeps you as an average. For the other 5%, ask for an exploration session for my coaching program - especially if you think it's extreme. Click here.

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