😌 Basically, It’s All Pretty Easy…

The more I study the subject of success and why some businesses and people become much more successful much quicker than all the rest, the more it dawns on me that the key differentiators are pretty easy to understand. 

And yet, most people try to figure out some techniques, methods, and processes that – if they would just optimize them – will lift them to higher success levels.

This is not entirely wrong, except for the fact that these improvements will never lift anyone to another level.  Instead, they will do what all improvement activities do (if done the right way): they will – yes! – IMPROVE your situation. They will not transform your success, nor will they be a game changer. 

Coming back to my opening statement, what are these “key differentiators” now? Well, simply put, it is the way people think that makes all the difference.

As this sounds a bit weird, I’d like to invite you to take a little test to see if you think like an extremely successful person or one who’s rather average.

No offence here! It is just helpful to know which of your thoughts you might consider changing BEFORE you start the next xyz improvement activity in your business (or life). 

Here’s the test: rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10, of which “1” is on the far left side and “10” is on the far right. 

Did you do the exercise? How did you score? Where can you change your thinking? 

Next step: Give the test to co-workers and friends. 

👉 P.S. Even if I said at the beginning that this is pretty easy, what is not easy is changing your thought patterns. In fact, you most likely need a coach. If you are interested, contact me to enroll in my coaching program. Click here.


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