😏 Are You Too Tolerant?

You get in life what you tolerate.

This is an old and true wisdom. If you tolerate certain negative behaviors in others, you will get more of them in your life.

Example: If you tolerate someone being consistently unpunctual, that person will continue to be unpunctual. And others will then be likewise toward you.

This is not about how you "educate" others, but about what you should allow into your life as a leader.

Because if you tolerate too much negativity, you won't have room for the important things that move you forward.

"Where does the different tolerance levels come from in different people?" you may now ask.

Well, like many things, it comes largely from the imprinting of our childhood. And like all these imprints, you can also change this one specifically in yourself.

Here are three questions that you can use to influence your tolerance threshold:

  1. "Where am I too tolerant time and again?"

    There are very different patterns of where you are too tolerant. It may be in certain behaviors with yourself. Or you may show too much tolerance in very specific situations with others. Or you may be very tolerant of certain people, no matter what they do.

    In the first step, it is important to recognize where your different tolerance points occur.

    "What are the negative consequences of this tolerance?"

    The point here is to be clear about what your high tolerance leads to in certain situations (see point 1). A good helpful question is, "What would happen if I were no longer so tolerant at this point?"

    Perhaps you would have more time, be more productive, have fewer distractions, accomplish more, have more time for other people you care about, and so on.

    We often dramatically underestimate the negative consequences of being too tolerant.

  2. "Where are my red flags?"

    In the third step, it is crucial that you make the decision at which points and with which people you no longer show tolerance.

    The important thing to remember here is that being too tolerant is not only harmful to yourself, but also to those you are too tolerant with.

    For example, if you keep answering all the questions, you are educating people to stop even thinking for themselves. That helps no one.

So, here you have three useful questions that will help you achieve more and at the same time help others develop.

Next steps:

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