๐Ÿ“ˆ Are You Growing Or Dying?

You probably know the saying that there is no standing still in life. You are either growing or you are falling behind. Look at nature: what’s not growing is dying. 

What I find more surprising is the fact that many organizations are like a protected area for those who are satisfied with the status quo.

Many people in those organizations have lost all hunger for growth. They are living their lives like a being that is moved here or there without a real drive to stand up and say: “It is me who gives direction!” 

I’m not making the case here for starting a revolution in your organization (even if this would sometimes be needed). What I’m saying is that you only live up to 10 percent of your capabilities as a human being if you stop growing. 

And to provoke it even more: It is amazingly selfish not to grow personally at the highest rate possible. Because you are gifted to help other people living better lives, to make a positive contribution to the world. By not tapping into your full potential, you are consequently refusing to help others. 

In my blog, I regularly give tips and ideas about growth levers for yourself and your team. So, the next questions then is: how do you know that you are growing? This question sounds simple, yet it is profound.

Only if you are sure that you are growing with the highest impact are you on the right track. Most people (and businesses) in contrast are like leaves in the wind, sometimes moved up, sometimes down. 

Here are your personal top 3 growth indicators: 

  1. You cannot get enough! People with a growth mindset cannot stop learning and experiencing new things in their lives. They get addicted to personal development all the time. In contrast, those not on the growth trajectory often lack the initiative to even read one personal development book per month. At least!
  2. You become a role model. Others start seeing you as somebody they can benefit from and that they like to be around. Often, they will approach you simply because you “know so much”. Or they just love to have insightful discussions with you.
  3. You create. All growing people are creators, sometimes even amazingly productive ones. Other people often ask me how I can create two newsletters per week (one each in English and German), write a book, and develop new programs, besides serving my clients of course. Others even create much more. Growing people always are great creators. Declining people often don’t create anything of noticeable value.


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