🕺 Are You Comfortable Being An Influencer?

You may be surprised at the headline: "I'm not an influencer after all!" you may think.

Wait, not so fast: what is leadership but influence? That's right: nothing. Leadership without influence doesn't work.

Therefore, if you are a leader, you are automatically an influencer.

This is true even if you don't have a managerial position. Because leadership doesn't depend on your position, but on ... That's right: influence.

If we internalize this fact, we can also be open to learning from the so-called "influencers," those people who have millions of followers on social media.

Because many of them seem to know quite well how to influence others.

So here are three tips on what you can learn from influencers to increase your own influence and success as a leader:

  1. Frequent and consistent communication.

    Successful influencers are very good at sending very frequent messages to the community that they themselves embody. In doing so, they are consistent.

    What does that accomplish? Well, you get to know the other person and know what they stand for (or what they want you to believe they stand for).

    From this you can learn as a leader: how consistently do you send messages and have conversations with all your people? Do you communicate more anecdotally (like the vast majority) or strategically and systematically?

    The latter will significantly increase your influence as a leader.

  2. Use multiple channels.

    Most leaders are far too limited in their use of channels. As a result, you don't reach many people sufficiently.

    Nowadays, a variety of channels are used by different people, whether personal or business.

    If many of your people are using WhatsApp, then communicate there. If it's LinkedIn, you can use that as well. Email, teams chat, Slack, etc. are of course relevant as well.

    My tip: Think about which target group is best reached with which media and on which channels. Don't set barriers for yourself, but use what your recipients prefer.

  3. Involve people.

    Successful influencers heavily involve their community so that they become part of the experience. I think most leaders do this far too little.

    Tip: Instead of just sending a message, ask for feedback. Do small surveys, provoke comments. It's easier than ever with today's media.

    Extra tip: We usually get the most response when we share emotional and personal messages. So: enrich your messages with emotions and personality. This will further increase your influence.

So, here you have three concrete ideas on how to massively increase your influence - and therefore your success - as a leader. 👉 Try it out and write me about your experiences.

Next steps:

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