🔆 3 Ways To Be A Role Model

In these times, it's more important than ever: we need more people who behave in an exemplary manner.

This is most important for all leaders. They are constantly modeled anyway, and often unconsciously.

As I keep emphasizing, the essence of leadership is exerting influence. Without influence, there is no leadership.

One of the best and most effective ways to increase influence is to continually be a role model and act accordingly.

Think of the most effective leaders in politics and business: they are always role models for their respective followers.

Unfortunately, sometimes we don't behave exemplarily at all and don't even realize it.

So here are the three most effective ways to be a role model:

  1. Showing full presence.

    The most exemplary leaders manage to be extremely present - even when things get hectic.

    Presence means giving your counterpart your undivided attention for the time you spend together.

    Especially in today's world, where everyone hides behind their smartphones and computers, you can stand out as a true role model simply by being strongly present.

    👉 Tip: In your next meeting with one or more people, be one hundred percent present - no distractions, no wandering thoughts. Just be fully there. For most, this isn't easy.

  2. Project positive energy.

    One of the most important tasks of good leaders is to show positive perspectives and radiate positive energy.

    If you join in the general lament of difficulties and problems, you are quite simply not a role model - and not a good leader.

    This has to do with responsibility: As a leader, it's your obligation to make sure you come to work with a positive attitude and project that into your people.

    👉 Tip: Make a very specific resolution to radiate exclusively positive energy in the next meeting. You need to do this especially when it comes to very difficult topics.

  3. Moving things forward.

    Do you know someone who you consider exemplary, but who hardly moves anything forward? No? Exactly.

    To be an exemplary leader, you have to make your mark and move things forward. All people who are considered exemplary have made a big difference or are making a big difference - whether in politics, business, the arts, sports, etc.

    The important thing is that you need to know what you want to be perceived as a role model with. Which results count the most?

    👉 Tip: Write down which three topics you want to have advanced massively this quarter. And then communicate the results. It sounds simple, but many managers are not leaders simply because they optimize the status quo instead of moving things forward.

So here you have three important ways you can become even more exemplary than you already are today. This is more important than ever. If you want to exchange ideas on the subject, ➔ just get in touch with me.


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