Your personal lockdown

mindset Dec 17, 2020

For most people, this is the beginning of a somewhat quieter time - various companies are closing their doors, and, in this respect, many people are going into their own personal lockdown. This may also be something positive.

In this special year, it's a good time for a little reflection; for example, how your team and you have managed to deal with the out of the ordinary situation.

After all, we all have found ourselves in a situation that no one could have foreseen a year ago. And I think that, given these circumstances and the unpredictability, we have done very well so far (I'm not making a judgment here about the health and fatal consequences of the virus).

Here are three ideas how you, as a leader, can make the most of the year-end slowdown:
  1. Gratitude. It is extremely important for our well-being and for directing our thoughts to feel gratitude. If you are grateful, you cannot feel fear or aggression in that moment. So…what are you really grateful for? Few do this exercise, but it's very powerful once your team and you gather the answers to the question. 
  2. Connection. Why do you feel connected - not only to your family and friends, but also to your team and customers? What excites you about others? What makes you happy? These may be unusual questions, but they are especially useful to answer at this time.
  3. Energy. High mental and physical energy is not only essential to our success, but also to our connection with others. The important thing to remember is that no one "has" energy. We generate energy (or transform it). It is your responsibility to do so on your own, even (and most importantly) over the holidays.

In this spirit, I sincerely thank you for our collaboration, for your support and for your ongoing interest in my work. 

I wish you and your loved ones wonderful holidays.



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