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YOU are the energy!

leadership mindset Jan 26, 2018

The year is now a bit more than four weeks old, and many people are already getting exhausted. Not you? That’s great! 

Because today I have an important tip for you in my series "how to make 2018 outstanding". 

This is it: spread high energy! As a leader, this is one of your most important tasks. Unfortunately, I often see the opposite. 

What do I mean by that?

Here are three examples of how, where, and why you should (better: MUST!) radiate high energy: 

  1. For yourself. Yes, you can always put yourself on a higher energy level. Why is that important? Because you are not only much less productive with low energy, but also lack joy. Did you know that in positive states you ALWAYS have high energy levels?
  2. For your team and your colleagues. It works like this: great leaders exude high energy. The reverse applies as well. Start every morning full of energy, even in meetings. Your team needs to feel your positive vibes when they are nearby!
  3. For your customers. Yes, your customers can feel your high energy and passion. With high energy, you are almost always more convincing.

And if you missed the first session, here's your chance to sign up for the one-time encore of my online workshop "How to Make 2018 your best year ever”. Click here to register.

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